Fender Installation Paradign

preparation before installation: cross scredriver,electric drill,card buckle screwdriver and one of the most important a set of new forest 2013 fenders

use card buckle pliers to take out the original fender buckle

install the new fender on the original place

fix the new fender with the original fender buckle

Pay attention! Install 2013 new models used for subaru forest here, install the fenders used, we reserved a hole place at the bottom of the front fender, if necessary can punch,at the bottom of the rear fender have holes, no need to punch, after installation complete, check whether is firmly.

Rear Pedal Installation Paradign
preparation before installation: cleaner, 3 m glue, cotton swabs, and most importantly, 2013 new forest people pedal

clean installation location,then mark.
Use swabs to paint the 3 m glue on the  installation location  adhesive 3M glue stick a width of about 1 cm

Tear the pedal back 3 m tape protective filmpedal, from one end tear
a piece of the 3 m tape (red part don't completely torn off)

Gedal  good position, with slow tear tape, hand over to tear a tape of the parts (to reinforce again a few minutes after the installation is complete)

Note:  the new forest models used for subaru 2013 people (the installation show is in a rainy day, rainy day is not recommended to install) attached: all products need to use 3 m glue installation, the method almost the same.