Shenzhen Ao Wei Auto Parts Co., Ltd. is specialized in design, development and production of PU ( PU RIM polyurethane) aero manufacturers. Plant in 2008 wasfour months in Shenzhen Longhua create, I plant technical staff are engaged in product development, modification industry's elite for many years, since its establishment, the factory has been focused on PU surrounded by large, PU tail ,PU fender R & D and design .

Production and use of the world's leading H100 type imported professional high-pressure injection molding equipment, the production of PU surrounded by large, flat shape, smooth, paint adhesion, spray paint bright color, easy to install, goodness of fit precisely , with shock, not deformation, not broken, weather resistance ( -40 ℃ -80 ℃), and the environmental pollution and many other advantages. Product sales has been successfully into the European and other developed markets, but also in the country with a number of my factory modified parts wholesalers, 4S stores, specialty stores converted to establish cooperative relations.

After recent years of efforts, our company in the domestic and overseas market place, many foreign businessmen have also been well received, and in 2011 began to diversify processing PU polyurethane products , automotive interior steering wheel and high-precision medical device OEM has been the industry high degree of identity of persons while our factory to meet customer demand also continued to develop carbon fiber and 304 stainless steel exhaust products and so on.

Shenzhen Orad has always been adhering to the product first service first ,professional honest attitude, you're welcome to visit guidance and business negotiations Orad tomorrow because of you and add brilliant !